Renewable Engineering (Post #1)

Renewable energy is becoming a trend in many industries. While it is giving jobs to renewable energy engineers, the most vital part is that more people are aware of alternative and healthier energy sources. It is estimated that in the US, there are about 1.8 million engineers with this expertise.

These professionals are problem-solvers who combine science and path principles in drafting, designing, and installing their clients’ requirements. We’re happy to be part of this industry. #RenewableEngineering #GoSolar #Zander

Renewable Engineering (Post #2)


While it is true that converting your energy source to solar power is costly, its long-term benefits will make you realize that the money was well-spent and worth it.

Solar is a renewable source of clean power that will reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil. It is low-maintenance and may last for 30 years before requiring a professional service. Best of all, it is pollution-free.

If you are still thinking about whether you will make that change, we will cheer you on! #EnvironmentFriendly #GoSolar #RenewableEngineering

Renewable Engineering (Post #3)

Did you know that the most abundant energy source on earth comes from the sun? An hour of the sun providing heat on earth is enough for the power needs of all people for one year.

Unlike popular belief, the costs of solar panels have considerably dropped since the 70s. What used to be $77 per watt has now dropped to $0.21 for a simple solar cell.

The cost is only about $0.39 per watt for a complete assembled module. It is renewable and environment-friendly, two factors that encourage more and more people to go solar. #GoSolar #RenewableEngineering