Call us now for any kind of solar installation, no matter what the racking types or system sizes you prefer. We have the right people, duly licensed and professionals, who can assist and perform services that include the following:

  1. Structural design – stamped and with calculations, including seismic, wind, and snow loading, framing capacity, and others — furnished with the required city/AJH engineering certification letter
  2. Structural updates (stamped and given when required)
  3. Structural engineering and design (stamped) – for solar systems mounted on the ground (utility-scale solar, community, commercial, and residential solar)
  4. Structural engineering and design for solar canopies and carports (stamped)
  5. Deliverables (wet stamped) – 2nd-day air UPS standard processing (if requested)

Our people have extensive experience with more than 20,000 completed projects from satisfied clients nationwide.